2t Mini Stone Hammer Mill Crusher Machine

2t Mini Stone Hammer Mill Crusher Machine

Product description:
Hammer crusher is a type of equipment for crushing resources in the sort of effect.It is a crusher for crushing the substance with the maximum particle size of 600-1800 mm to twenty five mm or under.Hammer crusher is appropriate for crushing medium hardness supplies this kind of as limestone, slag, coke, coal, and so on.
Hammer crusher is composed of main body, rotor, hammer head, counterattack lining plate, sieve plate, and so on.

Hammer crusher is composed of main body, rotor, hammer head, counterattack lining plate, sieve plate, and so on.

Hammer crusher structure  :
Several rows of hanging hammers are installed on the major shaft of the crusher.In its circumference of the pin hole by means of the pin shaft, pin shaft will hammer hinged in the row among the hammer, hammer use can be transformed right after the functioning encounter.There are two trapped pin holes in the hanging hammer.The distance from the middle of the pin hole to the axis of rotation is various to modify the hole among the hammer and the bar.In buy to avoid the platinum motion of the hanging hammer and the hammer, the two finishes of the hanging hammer are fastened with a compact hammer disc and a lock nut.Rotate at each ends to help the rolling bearing, which is bolted to the housing.The spindle and the motor are directly related by an elastic coupling.To preserve the rotor running effortlessly, a flywheel is mounted at 1 conclude of the principal shaft.
The arc-shaped discharging monitor bar is mounted beneath the rotor, the two finishes of the bar are mounted on the beam, the bar on the outer floor is compressed with a press plate, and the course of the bar arrangement is perpendicular to the course of the rotor.The gap is shaped by a bulge in the middle of the bar.To aid material discharge.The gap steadily widens downward and slopes towards the rotor.

    one.The body
The shell of hammer crusher is composed of the reduce physique, the again include, the left facet wall and the correct aspect wall.The upper element is supplied with a feed port, and the internal wall of the equipment shell is inlaid with large manganese steel lining plate, which is hassle-free to exchange the worn lining plate.The decrease physique is welded with carbon structure steel plate. In get to area bearings on the two sides to assist the rotor, bearing bearings are welded with large manganese steel.The reduce portion of the housing can be fastened right on the concrete with foot bolts. The rear upper include, left side wall and correct side wall of the housing are all welded with carbon structural metal plate.There is no protective actions amongst the housing and the shaft, and the leakage of ash is really serious. In order to avert the leakage of ash, all the spots exactly where any portion of the housing contacts with the shaft are provided with shaft seals.In purchase to aid servicing, adjustment and replacement of grate and hammer head, there are manholes in the reduced human body and two facet walls.   
 2. The rotor
   The rotor is the principal functioning component of the hammer crusher, the rotor is composed of the spindle, hammer disc, pin shaft, hammer head, disk evenly open distribution of pin holes, with pin shaft suspension hammer head, in get to avoid the axial motion of the disk and hammer head, with lock nut fastened at both ends of the pin shaft.The rotor is supported on two rolling bearings, which are bolted to the base of the lower body, and two positioning pins are fastened on the central pitch of the bearing.In order to make the rotor in movement to keep a specific volume of kinetic vitality, employed to decrease the motor’s peak load and decrease the dress in of the hammer head, specifically in one particular end of the spindle flywheel.Numerous principal components of the rotor are explained in detail under.
three. The principal shaft
The spindle is the most important portion of the hammer crusher supporting the rotor, the bodyweight of the rotor, the hammer head, the impact force are borne by it, so the substance of the spindle requirements to have a substantial toughness and energy, the substance of the spindle Employs higher good quality alloy steel, through ultrasonic testing to procedure the quenching and tempering therapy.two.two the hammer disc of the hammer crusher is employed to suspend the hammer head. In the procedure of the hammer crusher, the hammer disc is inevitably subjected to the impact and friction of ore, so the hammer disc is necessary to have a particular put on resistance. The hammer disc and hammer gap adopt substantial metal carburizing warmth treatment to increase its put on resistance.
four. The hammer head
Hammer head is the most critical working portion of hammer crusher.Which the hammerhead quality, shape, and substance determines the creation potential of hammer crusher, hammer kinetic vitality and the dimensions of the hammer head is proportional to the, the weight of the hammer head is heavier, the better the kinetic strength, the greater the efficiency of the damaged, the species is effectively-identified, the hammer bodyweight minimal 15 kg hammer head, the hammer head is up to 298 kg, a range of hammer head can personalize according to buyer desire for its weight, hammer head adopts new multielement composite large chromium manganese metal casting with higher high quality, its service existence is generally hammer head a number of moments.
five. Lining board and strike board
In purchase to avert the use and tear of the frame, the lining plate is manufactured of manganese metal on the internal wall of the body.Thanks to the bad doing work surroundings of hammer crusher, the good quality of hammer crusher decides its support daily life, and the good quality of hammer crusher is established by the content of its elements.

Working theory:
Hammer crusher mostly depends on affect strength to full the crushing of supplies.Hammer crusher is functioning, the motor drives the rotor higher-speed rotation, the materials into the crusher chamber evenly and higher-velocity rotary hammer influence, cut apart the substance to the substance being damaged, at the exact same time, the material’s very own gravity makes substance from the substantial-pace rotating hammer head to the physique panel, sieve, resistance is greater than the display screen hole dimensions of supplies on the sieve plate proceeds to hit by the hammer and the grinding, crushing to the discharging granularity until the ultimate by way of the sieve plate exterior.
The attributes of hammer crusher.
The operating hammer head, adopts the new craft casting, has the put on-resisting, the influence resistance.
In accordance to consumer needs, alter the granularity essential.
This hammer breaks the seal of physique construction and solves the issue of dust pollution and entire body leakage in the crushing workshop.
The general style of stunning form, compact structure, less susceptible areas, practical maintenance and other benefits, is the upgrading of products.
Compact construction, gorgeous look, very good wear resistance, easy to maintain.
CZPT parameters:

Model Rotor Size
(Diameter×length )
Rotor Speed
Feeding Size
Output Size(mm) Motor power
Capacity(t/h) Fat
PC400×300 Φ400×300 1440 ≤100 ≤10 7.five five-10 900
PC600×400 Φ600×400 960 ≤100 ≤15 eighteen.5 ten-twenty 1500
PC800×600 Φ800×600 970 ≤120 ≤15 45 eighteen-24 2680
PC1000×800 Φ1000×800 990 ≤200 ≤15 110 thirty-50 5600
PC1000×1000 Φ1000×1000 990 ≤200 ≤15 132 30-60 8000
PC1200×1200 Φ1200×1200 750 ≤250 ≤20 one hundred eighty ninety-110 19000


2t Mini Stone Hammer Mill Crusher Machine


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