400rpm Low Motor Speed Working Pressure 200bar Corrosive Gas Booster Compressor for Metal Machine

400rpm Low Motor Speed Working Pressure 200bar Corrosive Gas Booster Compressor for Metal Machine

Diaphragm Compressor one hundred% purity no leakage Oil-cost-free CZPTum Fuel Booster Compressor 

The diaphragm compressor booster is a special construction of the volume-sort compressor with substantial compression ratio, excellent leak tightness, compressed gasoline CZPT lubricating oil and other sound impurities contaminated functions, So it really is appropriate for high purity compression, unusual, beneficial, inflammable, explosive, poisonous, dangerous, corrosive, and large strain fuel

Rewards of Diaphragm compressor:
one.  Oil-totally free compression owing to the hermetic separation amongst gas and oil chamber.
two.  Abrasion-free compression thanks to static seals in the gas stream
three.  Automatic shutdown in scenario of a diaphragm failure prevents damage
4.  High Compression Ratios-Discharge force up to 1000bar.
5.  Contamination Totally free Compression
six.  Corrosion Resistance
seven.  High Reliability

As a displacement compressor with special,diaphragm compressor is characterized by big compression ratio,great sealing performace,and that the compress air will not be polluted by lubricant or other reliable impurities.Therefore diaphragm compressor is applicable to compress higher-purity,exceptional and valuable,flammable and explosive,poisonous and harmful,corrosive and high force gases.
Keepwin diaphragm compressors consist of four sorts that are Z,V,L and D type.The exhaust stress ranges from one.three to a hundred Mpa. The items are widely employed in the industries of countrywide defense,scientific investigation,petrochemical,nuclear electricity,parmaceutical,meals-things and gas separation.

CZPTum compressors are widely utilized in Petrochemicals, Fantastic Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Substances, Vitality Chemical compounds, CZPT Business, CZPT Sector, CZPT, Animal Husbandry and Defense Market.
It is mostly utilized in Vacuum Techniques for Evaporation, Sputtering and Ion Implantation of Semiconductor front-finish process gear, and also has a wide range of apps in Astronomy, Aerospace, Medical and other fields. 

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Observe:for the other customizing method fuel compressor, make sure you kindly send under info to our manufacturing unit to determine the generating price for your item.
Clients’ inquiries must contain connected parameters 
A. The gasoline compression medium 
B. Fuel composition? or the gasoline purity?
C. The circulation fee: _____Nm3/hr
D. Inlet force: _____ Bar (gauge strain or complete pressure)
E. Discharge force: _____ Bar (gauge force or absolute pressure)
F. Inlet temperature
G.Discharge temperature
H. Cooling h2o temperature as effectively as other technological need.

CZPT Paramter of Oil Totally free Diaphragm Compressor

GZ type Diaphragm Compressor CZPT Parameters
No. Design F.A.D (Nm3/min) Inlet Pressure 
( Mpa)
Exhuast Pressure 
Excess weight (t)  
1 G2V-10/8-160 ten .eight sixteen 5.five four hundred 1550*900*1050 .eight 380
two G2V-5/three.five~150 5 .35 fifteen 5.five 400 1550*900*1050 .eight 380
3 G2V-10/four~320 10 .four 32 5.5 430 1650*850*1250 .8 380
four G3V-240/5~12 240 .five one.2 18.five 400 1860*1200*1585 two 380
5 G3V-1200/75~83 1200 seven.5 eight.three eighteen.5 400 1780*1050*1750 1.eight 380
six G3V-eighty/13~150 eighty one~one.5 15 22 330 2400*1350*1465 2.1 380
seven G3V-30/5~315 thirty .five 31.5 15 four hundred 2571*955*1455 1.8 380
eight G3V-80/seven~a hundred and fifty 80 .seven fifteen 22 four hundred 2302*1385*1444 two.five 380
nine G2V-25/6~150 25 .six fifteen 7.5 400 1500*775*1075 .eight 380
ten G2.5V-10/160 10 Typical 16 seven.5 four hundred 1650*1571*1400 .95 380
eleven G2.5V-twenty/one~a hundred and sixty 20 .one sixteen eleven 400 1650*1571*1400 .95 380
12 G2.5V-sixteen/2.five~160 16 .twenty five sixteen seven.five 400 1650*1571*1400 .95 380
thirteen G3V-a hundred/24~one hundred twenty five a hundred 2.four twelve.5 22 four hundred 2160*1250*1500 1.8 380
fourteen G4V-220/ninety nine-349 220 7.~25 34.9 37 400 2492*1840*1610 three.2 380
15 G2Z-45/150~350 forty five ten~twenty 35 7.five 400 1610*790*1380 .55 380
sixteen G2Z-5/30~four hundred 5 three forty 5.5 400 1560*790*1470 .55 380
seventeen G2.5Z-30/32~a hundred and seventy 30 three.2 17 7.five 400 1550*650*1530 .seven 380
18 G3Z-600/75~83 600 seven.5 8.three 11 four hundred 1780*1050*1750 one.three 380
19 G3Z-eighty five/a hundred~350 eighty five five~25 35 18.five 400 1900*1240*1760 1.six 380
twenty G3Z-one hundred fifty/150~350 one hundred fifty fifteen 35 18.5 four hundred 1780*1050*1750 one.8 380
21 G2.5Z-40/7~thirty forty .seven three 7.five 400 1653*1372*1470 .9 380
22 G2.5Z-one hundred/20~35 a hundred 2 3.five 5.five four hundred 1330*750*1530 .9 380
23 GV3-a hundred and ten/eight~one hundred fifty a hundred and ten .eight fifteen thirty 400 2370*1458*1630 3 380
24 G3V-150/three.5~30 a hundred and fifty .35~.fifty five three thirty 400 2543*1835*2036 three.21 380
twenty five G3V-sixty/.38~nine.3 60 .038 .93 15 four hundred 2030*1520*1750 72 380

Main technical information

All the cylinders comprise higher plate, diaphragms, and cylinder entire body etc. The diaphragms are clamped amongst the cylinder go over and cylinder body. The cylinder cover and cylinder body each and every has a concave recess hollowed out in their making contact with faces. The fuel cylinder is formed in between cylinder protect concave recess and diaphragms. The two suction valve and discharge valve are fitted on the upper plate. Between of them, the discharge valve is positioned on the heart of the higher plate. The evenly positioned modest oil holes are on the cylinder entire body to deliver the oil strain inside of the oil cylinder to the base of diaphragms (every single diaphragm compressor’s cylinder has three piece diaphragm.) 

Strain Regulating Valve 
The oil pressure of oil cylinder is controlled by the tension of the valve spring.In situation the oil stress is increased than the regulated price, switch the regulating bolt counter-clockwise to loosen the spring pressure, but change the regulating bolt clockwise to tighten the spring, when the oil strain is reduced than the regulated benefit. When the oil force meets the required benefit, the regulating bolt have to be locked with a lock-nut. The oil stress of the oil cylinder shall often be greater than the discharge strain by 15~20%. But the oil and gas differential pressure shall not be reduce than .3MPa or higher than one.5MPa. 

The cooler framework is the double-wall pipe kind. The round room amongst the outer and inner pipe is the cooling water passage and the internal pipe is the gasoline passage. Usually the drinking water inlet port is at the reduce aspect and the water outlet port is at the upper aspect. The circulation course of cooling water and fuel is on the contrary.

Oil Force Measuring Device 
The measuring gadget of oil cylinder discharge stress is made up of shock-proof pressure gauge, check valve and unloading valve. The situation of the pressure gauge is absolutely airproof and filled with damping liquid. The interior units of gauge is immersed in the liquid, which helps make the strain gauge arms secure through the operate of the viscosity of damping liquid. The unloading valve is equipped beneath the gauge to discharge the remained air in the oil pipeline and to unload the oil stress gauge. Also the check out valve connecting with oil cylinder through pipeline is equipped beneath the unloading valve.   

Oil pipes 
Oil pipes consist of lube oil pipe and oil pressure protected system.
The lubrication for the driving system adopts equipment oil pump circulation pressure lubricating. The lube oil saved in the body oil tank enters into the equipment oil pump following currently being filtered and is pressed into the oil holes in the crankshaft by way of the gear oil pump to lubricate the crankshaft friction area. At the identical time, component of the lube oil reaches the crosshead pin and crosshead together the oil holes in the connecting rod to lubricate the friction surface. The oil strain of gear oil pump shall be held among .3~.5Mpa, and the bearings at the two finishes of crankshaft is splash lubricated. 
Oil strain protected method is composed of oil compensating pipe, force-measuring pipe and oil return pipe. The oil output from the oil compensating pump will supplement oil for compressor cylinders by way of the oil compensating pipe and the excessive oil returns to the crankcase via the stress-regulating valve.

Q1: What is actually your shipping and delivery time?
A: CZPTly five-ten days if the products are in inventory. Or it is twenty-35 times if the items are not in inventory, it is in accordance to amount.

Q2: How lengthy is your air compressor guarantee?
A: Normally 1 year /twelve Months for complete compressor equipment, 2years/24months for air stop (other than upkeep spare parts.). And we can supply more guarantee if required. 

Q3: How lengthy could your air compressor be used?
A: CZPTly, more than ten a long time.

Q4: Can you do OEM for us?
A: Sure, of training course. We have about two a long time OEM knowledge.And also we can do ODM for you.

Q5: What’s payment phrase?
A: T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Credit Card, Trade Assurance and and so on. Also we could acknowledge USD, RMB, GBP, CZPT and other currency.

Q6: How about your consumer services?
A: 24 several hours on-line services CZPT. 48hours problem sovled promise.

Q7: How about your following-sales service?
A: one. Provide clients with intallation and commissioning on-line instructions.
2. Well-trained engineers CZPT to overseas soon after-product sales service. 

Q8. Are you manufacturing unit?
A4: Definitely! You have touched the main resources of Air /Gas Compressor. We are factory.

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400rpm Low Motor Speed Working Pressure 200bar Corrosive Gas Booster Compressor for Metal Machine


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